With over 14 years in the business, as a trucking company, M&M is just plain reliable. We’ve seen and experienced nearly trucking challenge there is, you can count on us to complete any hauling and trucking task needed.


M&M is asset based, we own the trailers and the trucks. We can move just about anything: lumber, cable, earth movers, granite, delicate electronic machinery, heavy equipment, and more. Our flatbed trailers can handle the specialized requirements of practically any specialized/flatbed load. This depth of capability is another reason M&M can handle any trucking need, big or small.


M&M has the one of the largest privately owned specialized fleets in Rutland, and we own our trailers. Much of our equipment is tailor made in response to unique customer requirements. Have a trucking problem or challenge? We’re anxious and able to customize a solution for you.